We provide external support for the internal departments of our project partners who have constructive questions about the integration of our products. In this way we meet a growing demand for high-quality interaction that saves time and minimises costs.

One major benefit is that we regularly have extensive exchanges of ideas with the manufacturers’ development engineers, so that we know the product inside out. This means we can alert our customers at an early stage to any potential features that might be relevant to integrating the product into their current assembly environments. We can also give professional advice on important decisions regarding specific product features, and we can ensure a secure ordering procedure through the joint harmonisation of a complex system of part numbers.

To achieve the best possible integration of components into the design, we use CAD software. Our customers receive 3D models (in a .step file) which they can integrate into an existing assembly. We also provide the relevant part numbers (P/Ns) for the ordering process.

On request, we pass on the customer’s enquiries, so that they can receive a quotation directly from the supplier. This also improves administrative routines right up to the actual purchase order.