Some of our clients have been working with us in partnership for over two decades. Others develop supraregional market access together with us. With us, doors open to manufacturers that were previously closed.

Conversely, producers value our market overview, which we gain and pass on through close cooperation with internationally operating consulting and sales teams.

In the interest of our principals, we work closely with completion centers that deal with the individual expansion of interior areas – as well as with some start-ups that are working on innovative projects in our industry fields.

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Whelen Aerospace Technologies


The company has a long history of technological innovation and is today a global leader in the aerospace lighting market.

In addition to a wide range of COTS items for exterior and interior lighting, WAT allows to modify existing lighting systems or develop customized solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

With a high degree of vertical integration, WAT ensures high quality standards and stands out as a reliable supplier.

  • Exterior/Interior Lighting
  • General Aviation
  • Business Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Military Aviation
  • Helicopter and eVTOL
  • Airport Vehicle Lighting
  • Air Vents

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Mechanical Components

CGR supplies the aerospace industry with mechanical components, specializing in cold forming and polymer overmolding of metal parts and electrical contacts based on copper alloys. Cold forming is a metal forming process that makes it possible to obtain parts made of tube and wire, rolled parts, and all types of springs.

In every commercial aircraft today, components manufactured by CGR will be on board, in landing gears, wheels and brakes, engines, transmissions, nacelles, engine supports, doors, air conditioning systems, oxygen supplies, cockpits, servo controls and more.

Customers rely on proven capabilities to manage the entire supply chain, from raw material procurement to on-time delivery of finished products.

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Production Tooling

As an expert in producing precision holes in the toughest materials and applications, Sharon-Cutwell has made a name for itself.

For more than 70 years, the company’s tooling engineers and designers have produced custom, high-performance cutting tools used in the aerospace and composites industries, among others.

The world’s leading aerospace OEMs rely on the U.S. company and its advanced drilling solutions to process composites, aluminum, titanium and other advanced materials requiring the highest levels of precision.

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Thermal Actuators and Valves

For over 80 years, Vernatherm by Vernet has been the world’s leading supplier of thermal control equipment for many industries that require precise control – for example, controls inform of thermal actuators and valves are also used in the aerospace industry in particular.

Vernet products can be customized by their engineers to meet all kinds of technical requirements – aerospace thermostats, fuel heaters, temperature control valves, mixing valves and CNC machined manifolds are common applications. To the company homepage

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Fluid Transfer Solutions

Hydraflow designs and manufactures low-pressure fluid transfer solutions that reduce customers’ installation time, waste, weight and lifecycle costs.

Highly innovative products are combined with world-class customer service, outstanding quality and on-time delivery that gives customers a competitive advantage to achieve sustainable success in their businesses.

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Raycon Industries

Interconnect Devices and Valves

Since 2000, Raycon Industries has specialized in the design and manufacture of interconnect devices, valves and associated products for the aerospace and defense industry. In addition, Raycon also offers solutions for aircraft ground refueling.

  • Couplings and Quick Disconnects
  • Electrical Products
  • Fittings and Adapters
  • Ground Fueling
  • Valves

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