We connect a top group of internationally active high-tech companies with
leading manufacturers in the aviation industry.

A liaison into which we bring distinctive engineering expertise. And we bring together the offers of our principals with the demand of OEMs and suppliers.

We create lasting connections and accompany our customers with a reliable team even beyond the completion of the individual project.

MWA started
25 years ago –
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Come together!

The aerospace products of our principals serve the high demands of the aircraft industry on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as on system/module suppliers in various fields.

In doing so, we fulfill various tasks as a consulting and marketing company: We establish a product- and sales-oriented liaison management (liaison service) to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft system manufacturers and integrators.

At the same time, as a sales- and representative office in Europe, we bring together a highly specialized range of products and services with a specific demand in the aviation segment and support the smooth interaction of the project partners.


Our goal is to offer the products and services we represent in a customized manner to European and overseas aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers.

Our know-how in the field of detailed design and our in-depth knowledge of the special features of the products are strengths that are valued in our industry, which is characterized by complexity.

In addition, we research specific market potentials, offer aviation-related quality and certification management, provide documentation in accordance with the specification and thus enable successful sales transactions in a highly professional manner.

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Perfect in Detail!

We support our project partners in all design issues relating to the installation of products, thereby shortening coordination processes with suppliers – which minimizes costs.

The regular intensive exchange with the development engineers on the manufacturer’s side makes it possible to point out special features with regard to installation and assembly at an early stage. We provide expert support for important decisions on special product features, as well as for ordering processes, for example by jointly comparing complex part numbering systems.

We coordinate meetings, ensure that deadlines are met, and are available at all times even after a project has been completed.

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