Ready for take-off!?

After 25 successful years in the turbulent aviation market, we fly over some milestones of the past and at the same time take off into a future where plenty of new challenges await us.

Departure 1998

Our special ability to connect innovative products and developments of internationally active high-tech companies with leading manufacturers in the aviation industry was already on board at our start.

A first major contract for our principal is concluded with Dasell as a supplier for the water system. It includes the hose lines for water/wastewater including clamps, couplings (ATA chapter 38).

Gain height

By the middle of the first decade, we won contracts for the oxygen systems of the Airbus A340, the Airbus A380, as well as the cockpit oxygen system of the Airbus A350, with a completely newly developed “plug-and-play” system that minimizes assembly effort being used for the A380. It includes oxygen lines and quick disconnects, such as the 5Q quick disconnect (ATA chapter 35)

Before that, one of our clients in the electrical/electronics sector became a supplier of proximity sensors for the Dornier 328 and 728 (ATA chapter 25/52).


Towards the end of the first decade, we reached further market segments. We achieved a breakthrough in the business aviation/business jets sector – our principal became a supplier of heated water systems for Gulfstream and Bombardier jets. In the lighting systems sector, we expanded our business area together with our principal to the military sector – with lighting for the Pilatus PC-21. Diamond, a first customer from general aviation (PAR36/PAR46, ATA chapter 33), also turned on the lights.

Good connections

In addition to reliable cooperation in the OEM and 1st Tier market segments, we are increasingly opening up connections to completion centers. For example, we support a customer with the design of the water supply (lavatory/shower) for several VIP completion projects developed for Airbus A319 and Boeing 737. One of our principals is also selected as a supplier for the innovative Airbus AIRSPACE Cabin.


After 25 years, the number of our principals has grown to six, including a tool manufacturer highly regarded in aviation and a leading manufacturer of thermal valves worldwide. The further development of the future of our highly technical industry is associated with major challenges that require pronounced expertise in numerous new fields of activity – know-how that also determines our future.

Livable environment

Climate change has become a defining issue, and the warming of the earth seems to be progressing to such an extent that the consistent implementation and observance of climate protection measures are becoming the top priority for a livable future. A variety of innovative technologies, ranging from alternative fuels to new aircraft concepts and the expansion of climate-optimized flight routes, lead to numerous ways to achieve this goal. And that means carbon-neutral aviation.


There are various approaches to new aircraft configurations, which often go hand in hand with the use of alternative propulsion systems. One direction is electric drives, whose electricity is generated either from renewable sources such as solar and wind or from fuel cells. Emission-free flying: under the project name ZEROe, Airbus aims to bring a hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft to the market by 2035. By 2030, air taxis are expected to be made available to a broad mass of people through companies such as Lilium or Volocopter.


Major market participants recognize the great challenges and take initiatives to shape, secure, and breathe new life into the future of aviation. Artificial intelligence will help them as much as people with high technical expertise and a natural instinct for good connections. Our role: inventors, makers, producers on the supply side and their customers on the demand side – we mediate and accompany them into the future.


At MWA, we place great emphasis on providing you with a personalized service and placing your individual needs at the center of our cooperation. We are proud to offer you these advantages in the aviation industry.


By working with MWA, you can save costs. Our model of independent trade representation is more efficient and costeffective than hiring and maintaining a fixed sales team.


Our independent sales representatives have years of experience and established relationships in the aviation industry. This enables rapid market penetration and increased chances for your success.


With MWA, you have local contacts in different regions. We are in the same time zone as your customers and can serve as the first point of contact to ensure excellent service and fast responses.


Our partners bring industry-specific knowledge and experience. In aviation and manufacturing, detailed knowledge is invaluable, and we offer exactly that.


We enable your company to test new markets or product lines without having to commit to a large sales team. This significantly reduces the risk and costs associated with such ventures.


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